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Japanese pianist, Erika Kawamura plays "Greensleeves" arranged by Tomo Hirayama. It's a very beautiful performance. Please enjoy it.
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Jasmina Kulaglich will premiere Tomo HIRAYAMA’s new piece,
"Bagatelle - Hommage a Lugwig".
2020/6/7 in France - Festival Komm Bach ! (online concert)

平山智,Tomo Hirayama,Jasmina,Kulaglich


Congratulations on your 250th birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven. To all people who are fighting the unknown virus. "From Ode To Joy" by Yumi Tanahashi's Piano.
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From Ode To Joy


Composer, Organizer. Tomo Hirayama graduated in sociology at Hitotsubashi University. He majors in phenomenology and his graduation thesis was on the Husserl phenomenology. He won a prize in Solo horn section of "The 2nd Japan junior winds and percussion contest". He studied composition by himself and makes music mixing the sound of French horn and the synthesizer. He offers his pieces for movies, DVDs, Net radio, etc. He worked for a system integration company, a contemporary art gallery and a web design company.
He learned the French horn under Shozo Aida and composition under Minako Tokuyama. His modern music are performed by Thomas Piercy, Yusuke Sato, Taka Kigawa, Hitomi Nakamura, Asia Wind Consort, Ilir Kodhima, Ryuta Iwase, Trio Boheme, Jasmina Kulaglich, all over the world.
"New York Portrait 2015 for Hichiriki and Piano" was performed in TEDxTsukuba.
His pieces were premiered Tokyo to New York Concert from 2014 to 2020, Jeju International Brass Festival, Festival "Musique d'abord" in Barbizon, Festival Komm Bach ! in France, etc.

If you like, donations are welcome and appreciated.
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If you want my scores, please contact me. I'd like everyone to enjoy my pieces in the world.


Faceless People for Yusuke Satoh -Piano Solo

2014/6/14 杉並公会堂小ホール 佐藤祐介委嘱作品。


庭〜ピアノと篳篥とクラリネットの為の "Garden" for Piano,Clarinet and Hichiriki

2016/2/28 白寿ホールにて世界初演。 クラリネット/Thomas Piercy、篳篥/中村仁美、ピアノ/棚橋由美。

Summer Sky in Japan

2019/11/02 Atelier de la Main d'Or, Paris
premiered by Trio Boheme

"New York Portrait 2014" for Hichiriki and Piano

In TEDxTsukuba, Tomo Hirayama gave a speech and "New York Portrait 2014" was performed.


The Moon from Tokyo to New York -Clarinet and Piano

On the way home, I see the moon in the valley of the building. Where am I going to ? What is the point of my life ? The moon says nothing.



2019, Tomo Hirayama, japonese composer, dedicates his piece "Summer Sky in Japan" to the Trio Boheme - World Premiere in Paris
November 2nd in Paris - "Atelier de la Main d'Or"
November 3rd in Barbizon - Festival "Musique d'abord"

2019/01 Ilir Kodhima, the principal Hornist of National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Albania, recorded "Parallel Universe for solo Horn" composed by Tomo Hirayama. It has 5 small movements. Fanfare, Scherzo, Pastorale, Nanazumai and Songs for a departed soul.

2018/8/12 Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival, Asia Wind Consort premiered my 'Another Dimension for woodwinds'. It's written for 13 instruments. 2 Woodwind Quintet, Contrabassoon, St.Bass and Vibraphone

2018/4/12 "People Coming and Going" was premiered by Thomas Piercy in Tokyo.
It was US premiered in "Tokyo to New York" concert at NYC's Bargemusic on Friday, September 14, 2018.

2017/6/10 "Chorale Prelude 'Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern'" was written for Yusuke Sato's CD "The Vision of Pachelbel".

2017/4/28 "a small statue of St.Mary for Hichiriki and Harpsichord" was premired in "Tokyo to New York 2017" by Thomas Piercy and Michiyo Honma in Omigakudo.

2016/2/28 "Garden for Piano, Clarinet and Hichiriki" was premired in "Tokyo to New York 2016" by Thomas Piercy, Hitomi Nakamura and Yumi Tanahashi in Hakuju Hall.
2016/11/12 It will be US-premired in Tenri Cultural Institute by Thomas Piercy, Taka Kigawa and Hiroshi Ebina.

"New York Portrait 2015 for Hichiriki and Piano" was selected in a competition, "Tokyo to New York 2015". It was also performed in TEDxTsukuba. 2015/4/19 This piece was us-premired by Thomas Piercy and Taka Kigawa in Tenri Cultural Institute of New York.

2014/6/14 "Faceless People for Yusuke Sato" was premired in Yusuke Sato 10th Anniversary Debuet Concrt.

Tomo Hirayama was selected in a competition, "Tokyo to New York 2014" by Thomas Piercy. 2014/9/14 "The Moon from Tokyo to New York" was us-premired in Bergemusic of New York.

2013/07 Tomo Hirayama released a collaboration CD, "Musica Nara & Silent, Chaotic, Beautiful" with Minako Tokuyama.

平山智,Tomo Hirayama,Trio Boheme

平山智,Tomo Hirayama,jeju international wind ensemble festival

平山智,Tomo Hirayama,佐藤祐介,パッヘルベル

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